Clearing up in Cambridgeshire.

After a long Geocaching adventure yesterday, we decided today should be a little more gentle, so we decided to drive to Cambridgeshire to clear up a few puzzle caches which we had solved but hadn’t yet gone to look for.

Our first cache was a drive by in Wrestlingworth,

… followed by a short stop in the village of Croydon were we grabbed two more caches. We also took advantage of a local apple tree owner’s generosity.

After this we headed to the Village of Toft to grab three puzzle caches.

We then headed across a field…

… where we grabbed this cache,

Then we took a short walk to a fairly large ammo box cache.

Next we headed to a local church, where we checked out the graveyard and the church and had a ‘cup of drink’ on a bench in the churchyard.

We then headed to the village of Hardwick,

…where we found two more cool caches,

We then headed off across a field to find a two- stage multi-cache. Part one gave us some trouble and it took a fair while to find.

Once it was located however, we headed to stage two to grab the final cache – which was soon in our hands.

The next cache we headed towards, proved very tricky indeed. The last finder had said that it was left out in the open and they said they had replaced it where they had found it. We couldn’t see it at all. Then the man spotted it in the bottom of the ditch, guarded by nettles and thorns. This did not stop ‘The Man’ from going in.

And that was Hardwick completed.

Next we headed to the village of Coton, where we had previously solved village Hall sign. This was soon grabbed and whilst there we also managed a church micro and a village sign cache.

After this, we headed into the church, where I spotted this likeness.

After ‘The Man’ completing the maths, we headed to grab one, last, final cache.

… we even managed to doge the laser beams! And with that, the centre of Coton was cleared.

On the way back to the car, I spotted these medlar fruits – which I got very excited about. I had heard about them, but have never actually seen them in real life or tasted them. I grabbed a few – some to try to get seeds from and some to leave until they are bletted so I can taste them.

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