Guilden Morden Giddy Up, Cambridgeshire.

Last weekend we completed the Guilden Morden Gallop (but my very painful foot had put an early end to the days caching 😢) but this morning I was up and ready for action.

We parked up near a village hall and headed off across a field towards the caches.

After this we headed down a lane where the next cache was guarded by an unexpected hero.

… the next few caches were fairly easy finds,

…and we stumbled upon some awesome and very beautiful nature finds, like these ‘robin’s pin cushions’ caused by a gall wasp.

And this beautiful bee collecting pollen.

As we turned the bend we spotted the sign where the next cache was hiding.

…it was grabbed, signed and replaced so we proceeded quickly onwards towards a ‘Little Bridges’ cache.

It was here that we noticed a spitfire flying over head.

We watched it for a while then continued on our way to the next cache which was literally hanging in a tree.

After this The Man grabbed the next cache.

…even managing to avoid the angry, loose geese.

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