Yaxley Yo Yo, Peterborough.

We were up in Peterborough mainly because we had spotted an amateur production of ‘The Ghost Train’ (which is a play by Arnold Ridley and the first play my dad had ever seen) but we had also spotted this short circuit and thought why not get some caching done whilst we are here.

After parking right next to the first cache – which was quickly found, we headed off (past this rather inspirational graffiti 😂) along a small stream to the next cache.

At cache number three we quickly spotted the bridge then, at the actual cache location, we found two small cache containers, both of which we signed and replaced).

After crossing the fen, we found our next few ‘marks’…

…then at the next location – and very close to the busy football pitches, we had trouble location the cache. After reading the previous logs it became apparent that a previous cacher had not found it and so had decided to ‘replace’ it with a new container (this should really be logged as a DNF and not merely replaced). Here again we found both the original and the replacement container – so we signed and replaced both.

We continued walking and upon passing the nearby allotments we discovered this gruesome sight, obviously a warning 😂 we hurried on to the next cache location.

We then did no less than four church micros before returning back to the hotel.

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