Abington Pigotts, Cambridgeshirek

After completing some caches near Guilden Morden, we headed over to Abington Pigotts to attempt a few Little Bridges Caches (mainly because ‘The Man’ is trying to climb the dizzy heights of the Little Bridges leaderboard).

The area contained four little bridges – all of which we found.

I also spotted these snails huddled together in preparation for their winter hibernation.

After this we headed towards the church, grabbed this one,

…then ‘The Man’ also re-created the Biblical scene from the Garden of Eden (and we all know how that turned out)!

The church had some interesting carved stone heads all around it.

…and inside had a very cool (and very rare), three storey wooden pulpit.

Plus some original brass plates which we only knew about due to a note on the Geocaching website 👍🏼.

We found all the caches we looked for and after an enjoyable, but very tiring day, we headed home.

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