Ashwell, Hertfordshire

We decided to have a day driving to caches to help us clear up a few puzzle caches we had solved but not yet found.

We headed initially to Therfield where we found a church micro and a village hall cache.


The day was overcast and quite frankly extremely wet, so after completing a few more drive-bys, we headed to Ashwell itself, where I managed to get up very close to this beautiful female peasant.


Next we headed into the centre of the village of Ashwell, where ‘The Man’ went off to complete a cache (which was up a very steep hill) I went to sit in the churchyard (due to my aching ankle) where I actually managed to solve a puzzle cache all by myself which we later found. We also found this very hairy caterpillar,


Despite the rain, we had an enjoyable and successful day.

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