Hauxton Hip-Hop, Cambridgeshire.

I’m not going to lie to you, the morning started out absolutely freezing but luckily we managed to park right next to the first cache of the day, in a location where we could safely leave the car and, as usual, after walking briskly we did start to warm up a bit.

After grabbing both a church micro and a village hall cache headed onwards to an area which was much more rural.

After this I pulled out my ‘ace’ – i had managed to solve one of the two puzzle caches on our route (the other is still a complete mystery to me) by using a substitution cypher, so when we got to the location – I had a quick rummage then the cache was mine!

After a few more caches we had a decision to make: Continue on our route or take a detour and grab two others but then retrace our steps. Being avid caches we obviously went to do them and we’re glad we did. One of the caches was amazing. We searched hard but couldn’t find it so we read the ‘hint’ but still couldn’t find it. Then I went through all the previous logs but still no luck. Then it was a case of searching. Eventually I spotted something out of place and acted as the fore person giving instructions whilst ‘The Man’ did the retrieving. Soon the cache was in hand – how can you miss something this large?

Next up we ventured briefly into and through the village of Harston.

And after a restorative snack and hot drink, it was time to finish off the circuit and the days caching, but not before visiting a very cool cache on hillside.

We then headed home but not before grabbing a couple of multicaches plus a few drive-by caches. In total we added 49 caches to our total.

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