Wrestlingworth Walkabout, Bedfordshire.

After two quick ‘Lay-bys and Drive-by’ caches we parked up very close to the first cache of The Wrestlingworth Walkabout. This initial cache took us way too long to find and I’m not sure why we were so ‘off our game’ but by the time we got to number two, we were back on form.

After picking up a cute bear Travebug we headed to the next cache. I happened to glance backwards at this point and witnessed a rainbow (luckily without having experienced any rain), and I discovered the treasure at the end of it!

After a few more caches we came across the Potton water tower which was quite imposing and we did the three associated caches before heading across a road and towards the final stretch.

We also did two additional puzzle caches which we had previously solved and had a very nice picnic lunch in St. John the Baptist Church in Cockayne Hatley. In total we walked approximately 4.25 miles and found 34 caches with two DNFs.

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