Caching in Paris.

The Easter holidays, every teachers dream.  

This year I headed to Paris with my dad and geocaching partner. We had been to Paris before and had seen all the sites so we spent a lot of time just wandering and soaking up the atmosphere. We also got in some caching.

Our first cache was a bonus two for one, two caches on either side of a bridge.  After logging them we came off the bridge and walked along the river.  My dad found the next one, on the floor, by the side of a railing near to a landing site for boats.

The next one I found on a bridge. Nearby was lots of building work with lots of builders so we had to do it by feel.  I discovered the Velcro.

The next few were all found along the river. They were all quite small and well hidden, including one opposite the old Renault site, which was quite imposing. They are retaining the frontage which is good.

The next few were very small.

Beyond these, were a few more, including one under some cracked pavements in the idle of a traffic island,  in full few of all the cars, each one of which totally ignored him.

The next few we attempted were again small and well hidden, including one one the back of a sign advertising that the area was under CCTV surveillance! – luckily we didn’t get caught.
  Most importantly , I released my first Travelbug in Paris.  It was a gift from my dad on my fortieth birthday.  I chose a cache on the old walkway in Paris .It used to be a railway line and has been replanted with trees, bushes and flowers.  Luckily, before I came home, someone had picked it up, so I hope it is moved on soo to start its journey.


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