Cole Green and East End Green

After a great ‘London walk’ yesterday where we snuck in a few cheeky caches, we earned some souvenirs from the Planetary Pursuits promotion – so today we wanted to gain a few more points.

We headed out to Hertingfordbury and started our walk (to Cole Green and East End Green) where we had previously finished another caching adventure.

The first cache we found under a stone where this beautiful millipede was sheltering. He didn’t seem to mind much so we photographed him, signed the log then replaced his shelter.

The Man found the next one,

We the followed a bridle way which was seemingly tunnelled through. I really love these ancient pathways.

We found a quite a few caches and met some lovely horses along the way. They were very curious about us.

We the headed into a lovely fenced off area called Grotto Wood. We could hear a woodpecker but we didn’t see him and this area is a haven for woodpeckers apparently.

Within this area we find a cool structure like a shepherds hut,

Compete with interesting graffiti (suitable for this upcoming Easter holiday)

This area had many bird and bat boxes so it is well worth a visit as I think if you stayed around there you’d see lots of things …but we had caching to do!

We found all the caches we looked for today (including heading off on a short car ride after completing this circuit to look for a previous DNF which this time we found easily).

Over this weekend we gained many points and have earned six of the available souvenirs. We are aiming to get some more done before the deadline so we can gain all the souvenirs…wish us luck! 🍀

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