Brugge – Belgium

Half term holiday – We travelled off to Belgium on the Eurostar – destination Brugge.

This wasn’t really a caching holiday but we did find some good ones. One was huge and hidden in plain sight in the centre of the town.

It was a puzzle cache – you had to find all the sites in the local square then solve the equation. It looked overly complicated but once I’d re-read the instructions it was fairly straightforward.

Other caches of note on this holiday we’re this puzzle cache. I found it The Man did the maths!

Then there was this one involving a climb down a ladder – The Man did this one!

The whole of Brugge was picturesque.

And there was wildlife galore,

Including these ‘Rosemary Beetles’ which I’d never seen before.

And these ‘wild’ rabbits which didn’t seem overly bothered that we were there!

We even walked along the canal to Damme and spotted this crane nesting on a roof.

My favourite thing about this holiday was the food and drink.

The best thing I learned though is the answer to the age old question – What would Jesus drink? The answer is, of course, Belgium Beer 🇧🇪!

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