Shepreth Saunter & Barrington Bounce, Cambridgeshire.

After leaving the car virtually next to a church micro, we headed along a lane to our first cache which was a very quick find.

We then walked along a main road towards the village of Shepreth where we bagged a ‘village sign’ cache and a ‘war memorial’ cache.

We then continued along a roadside which was abundant with wild poppies.

There were also plenty of wild flowers like this beautiful Cotton Thistle plant.

And, as usual, insects were out in abundance.

At this point, we had reached the village of Barrington and so decided to add on a few caches from the Barrington Bounce series.

After finding the footpath, we headed down a narrow lane to the first cache – which we had to overshoot due to four men exciting the lane – once we had doubled back the cache was soon in hand.

As we walked further along this lane, I spotted a wild gooseberry bush so we collected some to bring home to cook with.

This part of the series was extremely easy to navigate (basically up one side off a field and then back down the other side) and the caches were mainly 30ml containers with very few variations – those that were different we good though.

I did manage to spot a lovely cinnabar moth.

And I managed to leave a travel bug that I had picked up a couple of weeks ago.

At this point the man and I had a minor disagreement about how to navigate to the next cache. I thought the map showed we should go straight on, but upon proceeding in this direction the app showed we were heading away from the cache. We changed our course of direction and this also proved incorrect. So we split up, I sat down and made the refreshments (I’m not daft!) whilst the Man headed back to grab the two extra caches.

Here’s the man in action.

At this point we were back in the village and headed towards the church (All Saints). This was a fantastic church with cool gravestones outside.

And a lovely welcome inside for visitors.

Outside of the church I spotted this cute critter (possibly a speckled bush cricket nymph).

We then headed off to complete the rest of the Shepreth Saunter.

Whilst finishing off this series we spotted a wolf…

…admittedl behind the fence of Shepreth Wildlife Park – but a wolf nonetheless.

Our final cache of the day was hidden a railway sign, which The Man got very excited over.

We were extremely lucky, in that we managed to find all the caches we looked for.

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