Holland Park, London.

We headed into London today to visit the Stanley Kubrick exhibition at The Design Museum. We took the tube to Holland Park station and discovered there were five geocaches hidden in the actual park. We had to do at least one cache today to complete an empty slot on our cache / date grid so we began.

The first cache was quickly found and I even managed to find a Travel Bug.

We grabbed the second cache fairly quickly too, then we headed towards The Design Museum to meet my muggle sister (who is an avid reader of this blog) and her partner, and we wandered around the (very cool) collection of artefacts.

There were props and paraphernalia from all of his films, like the typewriter from The Shining.

Jack Torrance’s picture.

The masks from Eyes Wide Shut.

Costumes from Spartacus.

And many, many more very cool items.

After grabbing some lunch at a nearby cafe, we walked back though the park to grab the last few caches spotted this rather bedraggled young heron on the way.

Here’s the Man signing the last of the caches.

So in total that’s another five caches added to our total.

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