Duxford Dawdle, Cambridgeshire.

After a slightly later than usual start (as I had to go and get a blood test) we headed towards Cambridgeshire to tackle a fairly short circuit called the ‘Duxford Dawdle’.

After parking close to a river where we spotted a lesser egret and some beautiful damselflies..

…we headed off towards the first cache, which was soon in our hands.

We passed by some very colourful wild flowers growing on some waste land…

…and saw lots of butterflies in the local area including some Meadow Browns feasting on the wild buddleia flowers.

After finding three caches we took a slight detour to a cache by a local ford – which, to be honest, we hadn’t read properly, as when we got to it, it said that we’d need Wellington boots to access it. The Man however was unperturbed and bravely headed into the water to grab it.

It was definitely well worth a favourite point for the cache container and the location.

After signing and replacing the cache, we headed back to our main route and found a few more caches which were housed in various containers

Then, after working out a multi-cache at the nearby war memorial, we headed into a localcafe to refresh ourselves and help support the local economy. The Man had a mug of tea and a slice of Victoria sponge cake whilst I went for coffee and a slice of chocolate and Guineas cake.

The Man was happy with his choice!

After completing the other caches in the circuit, we returned to our car and spotted the egret again.

After this we drove to a nearby location – which housed some Harry Potter puzzle caches we had completed previously. On our last visit, we had found them all bar one but we knew that the C/O had recently replaced the missing one and today we were successful.

so The Man was again very happy.

The Harry Potter puzzles now form a perfect yellow, Smiley faced H..

And because we found the rest on our main circuit, we have another pure yellow, smiley faced pattern on our maps.

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