Norfolk Weekend.

The weekend started with a few drive-by caches as we wanted to clear some of the puzzle caches I’d competed previously, these were mainly village hall caches and all were located without too much difficulty in the villages of Felmingham and Antingham.

Whilst driving to the next location we happened to go past Trimmingham and I spotted a cache called ‘Weavers Way Felmingham Station’ – for a train aficionado like ‘The Man’, this was too good an opportunity to miss. The station building is clearly unused but is still in good shape, and with the railway line gone, it is now used as a walking route. Here again, the cache was located easily and I gave it a favourite point for the location and for how it was hidden.

After this we drove to Trimmingham for another couple of previously solved puzzle caches.

Next it was off to the village of Hethersett to complete a short circuit – this was a very pleasant walk with all but one cache found (this has since been disabled).

Lastly we completed a puzzle cache based on Ketts Oak – it truly is amazing the things you find and learn about it whilst caching. This was where two men (William and Robert Kett) gathered some of their men men and marched to the town to complain about the enclosure of their land in 1549. They were both hanged unfortunately but the tree and their story remain.

Finally it was off to Wymondham, a pleasant little village that we both agree we would return to another time.

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